Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks for your feedback on manboobs. Now I have to see the guy just to see exactly what is going on in that region.

Also, I always have this thought about emailing...which I am sure you have too...when to stop the conversation. Sometimes I will be emailing with somebody and expecting an immediate or pretty immediate response and then nothing...ever. And I think, how rude. But then I wonder how many times I have done the same thing. You get their email and you smile cause they said something funny and then close. But maybe they wanted a response to their funny thing they said. Even though I refuse to say lol I could at least give them a "You are so funny!" but then what do they do just smile when they read that I think they are funny and close, or should they type back thanks??

I really need find more interesting things to stress over.

Oh wait, here's another one...

I was just over at Zona's blog and I mentioned that automated telemarketing calls make me want to kill. I actually say that a lot of things make me want to kill, in writing, on a regular basis. So what happens if I accidently killed someone and then the reporters scanned through my blog and posted how much of a hypothetical killer I have always been? I would so go to jail. Even for an accident. That reminds me of the time I accidentally kicked a window in an old age home and broke it. And there was a cop across the street. He didn't see who did it because there was a whole group of us standing there. He asked who did it. I said I did, but it was an accident. He didn't believe me. So I got to experience the whole handcuffs, back of a cruiser, mug shot, finger printing thing. Good times. This was before OJ taught me that the truth does not set you free, denial does.