Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I was decorating for the holidays and while I was looking for the three or four Christmasy things I have, I found a whole box of "video cassettes" so I decided to take a look at them, and what I found made me go hmmmmm.

The videos I found were recorded half my life ago, when my boyfriend was 4. You do the math, because I don't want to. Before Kurt even. It's hard to imagine life before Kurt. After Kurt is still taking some getting used to.

Here are a few of my thoughts while I was watching these videos:

Has David Lee Roth ever come out of the closet? Because maybe I missed it. And if I didn't miss it then he must still be hiding in there somewhere because there is no way in hell that dude is straight.

Motley Crue was just as contrived as The Backstreet Boys, I just didn't see it because back then I was the stupid young kid that thought they were in it for the love of the "music".

Vince Neil was pretty sexy.

Madonna was not as attractive as I once thought she was. I remember wishing I had KNEES just like hers. When she bent hers in the Lucky Star video they were very square, like flat on the top, mine are pointy when bent. You know what I mean?

Def Leppard equalled a guitarist that was alive, a drummer with two arms, and a lead singer I wanted to lick to death. Now...not so much on all counts.

That Whitesnake video with Tawny Kitaen is still hot. Tawney Kitaen is still a cool name.

God I am old.

All I can say is at least you are all coming with me.

I got my hair cut, it looks pretty much like Kurt's in that picture, but brown and with big bangs.

Eighties/nineties style. Word. Chater.

And happy birthday Jason baby. And when I say baby, I mean baby, and baby.