Thursday, August 30, 2007

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal...

A bit odd and socially isolated.
You couldn't care less what others think.
And some of your beliefs are a little weird.
Like that time you thought you were Jesus.

So of course I looked up schizotypal and found this:

"characterized by a need for social isolation, odd behaviour and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs such as being convinced of having extra sensory abilities."

Okay A) I DO have E.S.P. and B) it's called "staying away from people who annoy me" not "social isolation". GAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWD.

What Personality Disorder Are You?

So I had a dream that Charlie (my dog) ran away and so I went running all over the neighbourhood trying to find him...I went to the park which was FULL of kids and started screaming CANDY!! CANDY!! CANDY!! (which was my dog when I was a kid.)

Screaming "candy" in a park at a bunch of kids gets you weird looks I realized in my dream. Then I went to someone's house (that I didn't know) to wait for word on Charlie (Candy). The woman (that I didn't know) asked me to move because she had to change so I moved out of her way and then she says "NO you are standing in front of my leg". So I look and see that she has a fake leg. She removes that fake leg and puts on her other fake leg that matches what she is wearing. And that's all I remember.

Aren't you glad I shared that with you?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More working.

More getting id'd.

More YouTubing.

More Big Brother obsessing and chatting on the live feeds with my new friends who are just as addicted.

More of my mother telling me to put vinegar on my faucets.

Yeah now you are all caught up with me...

How's it with you?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm back.

I went MIA for a while because I started a new job and I got the Big Brother live feeds.

I miss all of you though, so I thought I would come back. I mean how long does it take to post a picture of my dog, say a bunch of nothing and visit 50 blogs?

Well that last part can take some time but I will get there.

So you are going through somebody's photos on Facebook right?

Looking at their family and friends and all of their happy happy joy joy times.

And you think to yourself, that guy needs to invest in some Crest white strips, or that girl should really rethink that outfit, or that person should maybe not suck lemons immediately before a photo op.

But do you say that?

Of course you don't you pussies.

Oh yeah, neither do I.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Feeling really sad and sorry for myself.

Then I got i.d.'d

She looked at my i.d. and said "Wow, you've still got it."

That's right, the lady in the liquor thinks I still got it.

Or was she saying I am old?