Sunday, June 18, 2006

You’re a steamy kisser! Your hot and heavy kissing style can turn even the meekest of make-outs into a full-contact sport. You keep the object of your affection afire by grabbing and holding on tight—then steaming up the windows.

Yes that's right, I am.

Your sexiest quality is that you don’t care if you have one—or at least whether your date thinks you do. Individual and strong, you attract others by doing your own thing with confidence.

Yeah fuck you date guy I don't care. I think.

You’re Icy Hot. “Enigmatic,” “aloof,” and “intimidating” are words that may sometimes be used to describe you. But that’s only because you keep your fiery, passionate side hidden, and you allow only a select few to...

Yeah that's all I got unless I registered, which is not going to happen. If you would like to take a bunch of tests and get half of the results click here