Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mars bars and insanity

I was listening to the radio today and heard that Mars has done a survey about how you eat your candy bar and what it says about your personality. Sure okay, sounds like a laugh. So this woman starts with describing the nibbler, the one who takes little tiny bites...they are apparently very particular people and picky eaters (and I'm sure all girls or gay guys).

Moving on...there are the people that take big bites and finish it rather quickly. These people are go getters. Okay, sure.

Then, there is my favourite group, though I have never seen them, or even heard of them until now, apparently they exist. Are you ready??? They eat a candy bar LIKE THIS:

First they suck off the whole top layer of chocolate (sounds messy!)...then they bite off all of the caramel down the entire length of the bar being careful not to eat any of the nougat centre(that's quite a skill!)...finally after licking off the remaining caramel, they eat the nougat centre by itself.


The woman on the radio said this type of person likes to enjoy their flavours separately.

I say these people need to be under medical supervision.