Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Levi's song circa 1970 something

My brother and I used to travel around the neighbourhood singing this Levi's jingle to our neighbour's parents. We actually used to get requests!!

I'm going to ask him if he wants to go back to our old hood for a reunion tour. Here are the lyrics as best as I can remember them (I searched for them on Google but couldn't find them...but I'm pretty sure these are right):

Bought a pair of Levi's
They've really been around
I've taken them camping
And I've laid them on the ground

They've come with me to parties
And they've climbed up a tree
Oh they've been to school so often
They're nearly smart as me

And after years and years of wearing
My Levi's in and out
I couldn't help but notice
That the knee wore out

So I sewed on a patch
A flower here and there
And they looked so good again
I could take them anywhere

I'm using them as cutoffs now
And flying in the air
Oh I really think it's time
That I bought another pair

You can live in Levi's!! (YAH!) The YAH at the end is VERY important...it makes the whole song.

Anybody else remember this jingle?? You'd have to be over 30 and from Canada (or the States maybe...don't know)