Friday, October 27, 2006

Pictures tomorrow. Oh wait not tomorrow, pictures Sunday, of the hot one.

The story has not ended. Things were worked out. Why so cryptic? Can't say.

But I have a funny story from work tonight...

We have to sing for people when it's somebody's birthday. Which sucks for us especially if we don't have a lot of waitresses and waiters to sing.

So tonight I had a party of twelve, with two birthdays, and everybody was supposed to sing but this one girl I was working with refused. So me being my bitchy little self said to her afterwards (with another guy we work with standing there) "Who sings when there are birthdays at your tables? Because I won't be since you won't for me."

She just looked at me funny.

THEN a little while later she comes up to me and says "Robin I am a Jehovah's Witness and we don't celebrate birthdays". Yep. I am an idiot.

She did go on to teach me all about the reason why they don't celebrate birthdays (the only two birthdays celebrated in the Bible were of people that were MURDERED) and how 144,000 of them go to heaven (which she said is kinda like the Canadian government ruling over Canadians???) and that she is not going to Heaven (apparently you JUST KNOW) but she is going to live on Earth which is going to turn into a paradise.

Now I am having a beer, trying to forget that conversation, and counting down the minutes to my photoshoot hot dude date.