Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello all...long time no talk.

How are you? I miss you. No really, I do.

Things that are new with me:

I have two pieces of my art in a gallery in town FOR SALE. Can you imagine? If they sell then I will be a PROFESSIONAL photographer, right? I went to see them today and it was SO cool, it's a REAL gallery, and my name, and the name of the photos (the CORRECT names), and the price were printed on this nice little tag...I might go back and take a picture of my pictures hanging in a gallery. Is that wrong?

I got paid tonight from my second job. $388.00. That's the biggest paycheck I've seen in MONTHS. Sad huh? Yeah well I get tips too so at least I can keep my dog Charlie eating the mackarel he is used to.

I am going on a "date" tomorrow night, but we aren't really calling it a date because he is 22 and I am not. But I figured he keeps asking, and he's cute so I might as well go out with him just as a friend. Or something. I'm actually looking forward to it. Is that wrong?

I will try to post more. And leave them up, okay Os?