Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just got home from shift number two at my new waitressing gig. I waited my own tables with my own number and these little waitress chicks took more than half of my tips, cause you know it's only fair. Fair my ass.

I put a bug in the owner's ear that I wanted to start on the bar asap. Eff this waiting tables crap. The real money is one beer, one dollar. 10 seconds for a dollar is a good return on my time.

I auditioned for the choir the other night. There were six of us. At the end the dude says "Okay thank you all we have your numbers, we will call you." My cousins said that when they auditioned the guy said "Okay see you all Monday." So you would think....hmmmm...obviously somebody didn't make it and he didn't want to make them feel bad in front of everybody else. So of course I think it's me. And I tell my parents I don't think I made it. They are like, oh well that's okay. Then I get the call that I DID make it in. So I tell my mom and she says I am too negative for thinking I didn't make it. GAH.

Now I just have to come up with $3000.00 by Halloween so I can go to Ireland with the choir.

That's 3000 beers by Halloween. Not gonna happen. Oh wait is that negative?