Friday, May 11, 2007

Why are lawnmowers so LOUD? I mean seriously, can't we as a species come up with a way to cut a lawn that doesn't cause deafness? Also the trucks that beep when they back up???? GRRRRRRRRRR. WE CAN HEAR THE TRUCK WITH THE HUGE ENGINE COMING TOWARDS US CAN'T WE??? Who are the beeps for??? Not deaf people. Not little kids because little kids would have no idea what the beeps meant and would be more likely to SEE the truck backing up towards them and move. And where the hell are their parents anyway????

Ha speaking of kids...I was walking in to a store yesterday, okay the liquor store, why must you always judge me?????? Anyway, this dude and his son were coming from the other direction and we all made it to the door at the same time. The kid walked in, then the dad and I looked at eachother and he said "After you." like the sweet gentlemanly type men that live in this area of the country always do (do they do it where you live? - It's AWESOME huh?) Anyway, I say "thank you", smile and walk in. The kid who was ahead of me hangs back at this point to wait for his dad, and as I walk away in a voice that was soft enough that he wasn't trying to let me hear the dad says to his son "Where was the little gentleman?" ISN'T THAT PRECIOUS??? THEY ARE RAISING A WHOLE NEW GENERATION OF THESE DUDES. YAYYYYY.

Moral: Life isn't all bad, except for the LOUD NOISES THAT OFFEND MY EARS.