Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Oscar thoughts...

Robert Downey Jr. is getting hotter and hotter. I didn't even know he was hot until tonight and now he's like magma hot.

Ellen is still funny.

George Clooney is still delicious.

Will and Jada Pinka Smith's son is adorable. I didn't see that movie so I have never seen him before.

I need to buy more pretty dresses.

And thus ends my completely superficial review of the Academy Awards.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

I think I have developed Blog ADD.

I visit, but if the post is over a sentence or two I can't stay focused.

I guess I need a break or something.

I know I said that already.

But I think I mean it now.

Or maybe not.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So my gas box, or whatever you call the thing that brings gas in to your house was COVERED, I mean COVERED in ice. And I didn't know this. So I drive in to my driveway and a nice man all dressed in orange coveralls carrying a Tim Horton's coffee jumps out of his truck as I am walking in to my house and says "Hi there, the meter reader called and told us that your gas meter is encased in ice, I haven't looked at it yet but maybe you could get your husband to build a little shelf over it so it doesn't happen again." So I say "Oh okay thank you." And then before he comes around to the back (he's still parked out front in his truck finishing his coffee) I run out back to look. The thing is not encased in ice, it is A CHESTERFIELD OF ICE, or SOFA OF ICE or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods.


Anyway my point is that I think it's funny when men come up with little projects, like building a gas meter shelter, for other men that they don't know. Especially when these little projects are for imaginary men like my husband.

Also I would like to thank my awesome internet friend for the Valentine's Day card I received today in the mail.

It's so cool.

And my imaginary husband isn't even jealous because he is very secure in our relationship.

Monday, February 12, 2007

So somebody named Catnip wrote this really nice tribute to smart female Canadian bloggers and I got mentioned as a smart blogger. Well yeah.

(Just kidding I don't brag about my brilliantosity too much, except for in emails to Sassy.)

AND I got mentioned in the same sentence as Raymi, which is always good.

They referred to Raymi as edgy and me as YOUNG. (Well actually they said that my YOUTH and Raymi's edginess DEFY stereotypes.)

I think my youth defies stereotypes because I have pretty much run out of it.

And I have no idea how to spell edgy. Is that right? It doesn't look right. I could look it up, but you know I'm young and can't be bothered. I've gotta go talk on the phone or something.
I think that invite only feature could be fun. There are a lot of people that I don't want invited to my net party anymore. Not you guys, you guys are aces.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two years ago

Yeah things are much better today.

I know we are all over Anna Nicole's passing by now. It's been three days for crying out loud, and we didn't even know her personally, and there is an upcoming President to talk about. Yawn. Anyway I'm not over it. I just left this comment on Rilah's blog. She posted that she was disappointed by all of the people that made fun of Anna Nicole. Me too. And not just after she died.

"I am quite broken up about it and said so on my blog. I think it has something to do with jealousy and insecurity on the part of the people who attacked her. If these people you speak of didn't have have their own insecurities overwhelming their judgement (and their mouths) they would see her as a whole person, who had her share of problems but also brought a lot of good to the world. I think it takes a bigger, more intelligent person to see her decline as just plain sad. She had a lot to live for, a tiny baby for starters. She was beautiful no matter her size and she did things her own way. It's very unfortunate that the people around her didn't do more to straighten her out. I only hope that if I got that messed up the people that care about me would help me. I am sincerely saddened by her death. It's a waste."

Yes I called Rilah and myself bigger and more intelligent than the people that mocked her.

Oh and that fucking jerk Zsa Zsa's husband who said some shit about how the baby could have been fathered by up to thirty different men. Why the hell would we listen to you? You are telling us that you cheated on your wife and you are making extremely derogatory statements about somebody who can no longer defend themselves. Why the fuck didn't you make this claim when she was alive? Oh because you are a LIAR. Fuck if somebody tried to slander me like that after I died I'd fucking knock a tree over on their fat ugly old noggin. And I'm sure it'll be extra specially nice for that little girl to read your slanderous quotes when she gets older. Way to go fuck face.

I didn't dye my hair really blonde, so this is my tribute.

Oh wait, I just read that her daughter is in the Bahamas. She's five months old and her mother left her there and went to Florida.

Okay fucked up on drugs or not I wouldn't even leave my dog alone in another country.

The country of his birth or not.

My baby was born in the Bahamas too.

Okay really, I'm done now.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


This kid is funny, and I am just hoping he tossed that poor cat on a bed or a pillow beside him otherwise he loses funny points.

There is a big "controversy" over in YouTube land. That diet coke and mentos fool shot to fame because he was a moron and now everybody knows about him and he is saying really stupid things and they are all shocked. Like somehow if you become famous your brain regenerates or generates, whatever the case may be.
My favourite quote:

"...I'm not sure what colour he is, I think he's Canadian."


If you want to see the controversy for yourself go to Renetto's video "Where are all the black people?" He is such a mope. And EVERYBODY of EVERY colour is telling him so. Fun times.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tomorrow I am going to dye my hair really blonde in honour of Anna Nicole.

I am truly bummed.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is there anyone else out there on blogger that has not been made to switch to beta or is it just meeeeeeeeeeee????? It's starting to scare me a little.

Anyway. I have been thinking of running away from this blog for a while now. But I just can't yet. Maybe it's because of all of the totally awesome people I wouldn't know if it weren't for this little space right here. So I will stay for now.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kathryn wins for best comment of the day.

"i like you and think you are pretty."

Monday, February 05, 2007

tkkerouac, also known as Raymi's mom, or Jack Kerouac's niece (or something like that) left me a question and since I am at a total loss for what to say on here lately I thought I would try and answer the question even though I don't quite understand it. Makes it more fun that way I'd say.

"I'm just visiting wondering what your all about, can you tell me more about your self help discovery?"

I am all about:

Johnny Depp, my dog Charlie, my family and friends, finding a new boyfriend that makes me laugh a lot, having at least one kid, vitamins, natural remedies, photography, beer, being happy, crossword puzzles, change, reality television, blogging, YouTube, seafood, euchre, singing, plants, road trips, Indian and Thai food, Muskoka, buddhas, spirituality, candles, Big Brother and Eminem.

I am so not about:

people who put on airs, watching the news, predictablity and routine, politics and the boring pointless discussions that come from talking about politics, women who speak in annoying "I am so sexy" voices on the radio, any morning radio show except for Howard Stern, football, guys that are really into sports (except hockey, that's okay), turnip, freezing fucking cold weather and snow, people who break promises or plans over and over, religion, insensitivity or wood panelling.

Okay my self help discovery...hmmm...

I have read many, many self help books. Is that what you mean? The latest one I read is The Secret and it's my very favourite because basically all you have to do is believe that good things will happen to you and they will. Oh and you should make a board with pictures of all of the things you want and really visualize having them. I haven't done that yet. I blame the cold.
SURELY you will be posting SOMETHING in your blog about the Superbowl half-time show…tell me you saw Prince perform in what can only be the best half-time show I've ever seen.

Holy crap, he did "Purple Rain" in the rain! And the stage was lit up all purple! And someone here is trying to tell me that he wasn't really playing the guitar, just because it was electric and everything was wet and all. RIGHT! I told him to shut it. (In my head, I mean.)

This is from my buddy that I have known since we were 12 or 13.

We used to watch Purple Rain over and over again. And Flashdance.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dear chater,

I am old and this makes me happy.

Judd Nelson. La sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My 3 year old Goddaughter said to my friend the other day "Mommy I want a new Fairy Godmother because I never see mine."

Ooops...I better go visit soon, and bring bribes.

First I have to find my wand and my tiara.
Spiders On Drugs

Saw this on Fil's blog.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hey Robin, how are you?

When I was in Mexico City recently I had a dream about

You and I were at a house party and Josh Duhamel (or
however you spell his last name, guy from that show
Las Vegas) was there.

He was hitting on you and I asked him if he was dating
Fergie from Black Eyed Peas.

He was evasive. He really liked you though and then
admitted that he was dating Fergie but since she is in
show biz she is cool with his dating other people. sounded good until that part about Fergie.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Charlie is having an awesome birthday. Thanks for all of your nice birthday wishes. He got an email today from Dogster (his webpage) and TWENTY FIVE BONES!!!! Okay they are cyber imaginary bones, but still it's the thought that counts. AND he had half a raw steak (the REAL kind). I have learned that feeding dogs raw meat is very good for them, even though it sounds totally stupid in our "dog food culture". Actually "dog food culture" can be used to described most of the food we eat too. AND I just coined that phrase two seconds ago so I want props if it goes big, even posthumously, even though I plan on living to 106.

Also I did my own American Idol video. I was singing Ben by Michael Jackson. When I listened to it back it sounded like I was being strangled. I think this should be recommended therapy for all people that think they can sing.
My puppy is one!

Doesn't he look excited about it?

Well, maybe it's because he isn't officially one until midnight.

Tomorrow maybe he'll get some:

Bacon, meat, cheese flavored bacon, bacon flavored meat, peanut butter flavored cheese, and bacon flavored bacon suggested by Shadowdog. And assorted animal poop and small half-decomposed forest creatures for him to run around with, and a nice mix of cat poop for an after roll aperitif suggested by Madame D. And a beef shank from the butcher suggested by Mike. And treats and a ball or something suggested by Marianna. And the ball that he has to move around in different directions so it spits out a treat suggested by Sassy. And a girlfriend suggested by Hedy.

Actually he'll probably just get what Marianna said with a side of Sassy, the rest are too hard for his mommy to deal with.

And that's Ms. Crazy DOG lady to you.