Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook coversation with a high school boyfriend

HSBF: Do you like Sabbath or anything like that ?

Me: I love Black Sabbath.

HSBF: Why are you up so late young lady?

Me: I wore a Randy Rhodes tshirt at Elgin don't you remember? ha ha
Me: Rhoads.
Me: Oh wait, he wasn't Black Sabbath he was just with Ozzy, whatevs. :)
Me: I am always up late.

HSBF: you cannot "whatevs. " Randy Rhoades !!!! lol
HSBF: Yeah , I remember lol some how. I mostly remember your skirt and stalking look. And your amazing regard for music.

Me: Whatevs.
Me: Awwwww really how cool. I remember going to your house after school and making out on your couch. lol.
Me: I also had bleached skin tight jeans with holes.

HSBF: I'm pretty sure it was my parents couch ... I didn't have a couch until 1994 lol.

Me: Wait????? Stalking look??????????? What?

: Did I spell 'stalking' wrong ? lmao !
HSBF: Tights ? leotards ? Whatever the fuck it was , you looked great !

Me: lol ya, stockings are tights, stalking is being a predator. haaaaaaaaa
Me: And thank you kind sir. ;)

HSBF: LOL , no problem , you cornered the market , everyone else was wearing track pants or something.