Wednesday, September 05, 2007

E-whining to somebody I have known since grade 4 about my singleness and this is what he said (typed) :


I know there is nothing I can say to make you believe any differently, but take it from me, I have known you for a very long time...we have been friends....and at times I wished we could be more than just friends. You are a very beautiful person to me...and always have been....your luck will change...keep smiling and don't give up. If you ever want to talk or go for a drink you know where to find me. I am here for you Robin."

I am thinking of whining a lot more now.

He's married to an awesome chick, and they have two beautiful daughters, so if you were thinking I should date him that's not going to happen.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

So I was at my parent's place last night, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit and I was going to go and get Charlie and bring him back for a sleepover party. I started my car and all of the sudden I smell something REALLY weird, and then it starts spewing out smoke from under the hood so I get out and start yelling "MY CAR IS ON FIRE!" and my brother's girlfriend looks and says "Yeah it is." Then my brother comes out and looks, same reaction. My dad comes out and doesn't look too concerned (the smoke is now slowing down). So I say to my dad "Has this ever happened to you?" and my dad says "Everything has happened to me." So anyway we decide that I should leave it to sit and take my mom's car to go get Charlie. So I do. I get back and we all go into the dining room (which overlooks the driveway) to have dinner. Half way through dinner (it's dark outside at this point) there is a HUGE explosion/flash. My mom says oh it must be one of the pot lights...and I am like, oh yeah crazy pot lights. Then my mom says we should make sure to turn them off. So after dinner I say to my dad "Make sure to turn those lights off" and he says "It's not a problem." Then flash forward a few hours and my dad is saying "I don't think that explosion was a pot light I think it was your car, but we didn't want to upset you."

I drove it home today without turning the headlights on (which have not been working and are obviously the reason for the electrical fire and explosion) and I made it home.

Something else to pay never ends does it?