Monday, June 18, 2007

So the oldest guy in the world is chalking his longevity up to not drinking. 114 years of not drinking? Sounds like he already died and went to hell but nobody told him.

Reasons to drink:

Those fucking imbeciles that brake 3 minutes before they signal. What is the point in signaling AFTER you have already come to a complete stop???? Maybe "Mr. I'm 114" doesn't drive.

Dealing with insurance companies. Do you guys just laugh and laugh to yourselves when you're mailing a claim back to somebody for the fifth time because you need more information? Do you have contests to see how many times you can send it back with NO MONEY before somebody shows up at your office with a bat? Do you not have phones? Cause I do and you could call me if you need to know something.

Celebrations, get togethers, money pooling for gifts for people who have NEVER and will NEVER celebrate me. Fuck yourself.

These new television shows where people are just NASTY and RUDE to the contestants or participants. When the hell did we decide that it was entertaining to watch some jerk ridicule people to the point of making them cry?


And on that subject how come every panel of "experts" is a 1 female to 2 male ratio?

Experts. Pffffffft.