Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Photo Blog!

You can click this.

Yes, I figured out how to make a button for my photoblog.
Figured out = Copied Leesa's button and changed the link and the picture.

Now I just have to "figure out" how to move my blog main page and sidebar over two inches because they look like they are being sucked off of my screen.

My newest nickname for my dog is Doogie Rough Howser. He's like a linebacker the way he charges at me sometimes. Linebackers charge right?

Other than that, I signed up for a dating site, it was free and my friend forced me to (kinda), but it seems very scary to me. I don't like the whole strange men wanting to meet thing. Maybe we can just always be email pals. Speaking of strange men, I'm gonna call you soon Jeff.