Friday, February 25, 2005

Moments in history

Copied from my internet buddy's site Explosive Laughter (see side bar) With my own answers.

You know the people of the past have always had their favourite stories about moments in where they were when JFK died, where they were when 9/11 happened, stories like that. I thought I would make a list of my most memorable moments in my personal history.

Q-Where I was when 9/11 happened:

A-In my car listening to Howard Stern on the radio as he announced the first plane (which he and most people thought was pilot error) and then the second plane (which freaked him, and the entire planet out at that point I'm sure). Then when I got to work we sat out on the picnic benches on a beautiful sunny day and watched plane after plane come back to Pearson Airport in Toronto (my office was right by the airport) It was eerie.

Q-Where I was when Hunter S. Thompson killed himself:

A- I have no idea...not even really sure who he was. Is that bad?

Q- When I lost my virginity:

A- September 26th,1986 (yes, that long ago).

Q-What I did during the great mideast blackout of 2003:

A-I was at work, everything went out...after a while we all decided to go home, and as I drove out of the parking lot I realized that it wasn't just my building that was affected, this was a large scale problem...first thought...terrorism. Again, it was eerie. When I got home I sat in my car so I could listen to the radio.

Q- What other countries I have been to, as of February 25th, 2005:

A- The United States (many times) and Mexico.

Q- Where I first lived away from the parental units:

A- In a house that I rented with two of my friends (Ainsley and Carolyn) when I went to Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. It was on Russell Street.

Here are a couple of my additions to Heather's list:

Q- Where I was when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series for the first time in 1992:

A- At a pub in St. Catharines (wonder if Paul Bernardo was there too? Ugh.)

Q- Where I was the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley cup:

A- Sadly, I was negative three years old.

Q- Where I was when I found out Kurt Cobain was dead:

A- In a coffee shop in Brampton, Ontario. I was on my way to take my final exam for my real estate license.

Do you have any to add to our list??