Saturday, February 26, 2005

Crazy conversation

I went out last night and ran into some guy who tells me that he used to be in some field where he worked with famous people (media relations or something?). So I ask him who he's met. He rattles off a whole list of very cool people like Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Eminem (whom he called Marshall). I say, "Wow you met Eminem??" He says, "Oh me and Marshall are tight". Tight huh? Yeah. He says, "We talk on the phone all the time." I say jokingly, "Can you tell him I love him?". He says, "Well if you give me your number I can arrange a conference call for the three of us". Okay, I am not a babe in the woods so I am assuming that this might just be the most ridiculous way to get my phone number.

Really, how exactly is he planning to pull this off?? "Ummm...hi Robin it's me (the delusional man you met the other night) Marshall has been busy lately but do you want to go out for dinner, maybe he'll call my cell?" Yeah okay dude.